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    Stop attack intimidating shout macro

    Cleave Description: Much like Heroic Strike, Cleave is an on-next-hit ability that will increase the damage dealt.

    It costs more Rage than Heroic Strike (although not to the same degree as Heroic Strike will) and adds less damage with the same caveats. Because it will also make your next attack hit another target that is close to you.

    The second effect gives any single target within 10 yards of you the "Intimidating Shout effect", which acts as an Incapacitate in the same vein as Gouge. Berserker Rage will make you immune (or remove any current) Fear, Incapacitate or Disorient effects from you.

    The target will stand there, unable to move or use any abilities, until they take damage of some kind (and yes, Rend/Deep Wounds will break the effect). Additionally, you generate more Rage from incoming damage while under the effects of Berserker Rage, giving you considerably more Rage (and therefore, options) to work with.

    Heroic Strike becomes considerably stronger when dual wielding, largely as a result of the same issue that makes it mediocre with a two-hander; it turns your attack into a special (yellow) attack.

    As a result, this swing ignores the dual wield penalty and uses the much more favorable 5% base chance to miss for special attacks.

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    Additionally, Cleave does cause some additional threat despite what the tooltip says, making it very useful for tanking multiple mobs.Heroic Strike has two distinct uses, depending upon if you're using a two-hand weapon, dual wielding or a sword and board.If you're using a two-hand weapon, this ability is usually fairly useless.Shield Bash Description: Shield Bash is your only available interrupt until you receive Pummel, and thus very useful against casters.Unfortunately, the requirement for the shields makes it rather tricky to use when not tanking (read: Pv P or solo grinding).

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