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    But when he grows up and goes to South-Central LA to find his roots, everyone thinks he’s “acting black.” Along the way, he finds love with an African-American girl (reminds me of Jo Gan).

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    I got his belt and started unbuckeling it, Sam held him in place.

    Me and Sam looked at the skinny runt and looked at each other.

    I sat on his back, pinning him down, as Sam tried to get Davids tighty whities off.

    Me and Sam where both on the colleges hockey team, nerd boy didnt stand a chance against either of us. I think he needs an old fashioned ass whooping, Sam said, advancing on David. We were right behind him, nerd boy didnt have a chance to lock his door. I heard the air rush out of him as I landed on top of him. Sam jumped up, clutching his jewel sack, pissed as hell. I chuckled, when Sam got pissed, he meant business.

    Sam grabbed the knap sack from the surprised David and tossed it to me.

    As David tried to get away from Sams tickle torture, I noticed the nerd Fruit of the Loom waist band showing.

    Finally, I saw him, yeah, thats the one, my dick told me. Cheryl is off at her mamas, you can sleep on our coach, if you wanna. He had showed no fear when we fought, but it was in his eyes now. Well, I got some money too, cowboy, but right now I got your privates in my hand. I saw his body get even more taunt as he tested his bounds. His grin made his eyes sparkle, it made his face light up, and it made my dick throb. He stared down at the bar, and added, I had to walk, Cheryl took the truck. The bar was out in the sticks, but I remembered a few houses along the way. We walked up the steps of an ancient mobile home as he fished a key out of his tight Wranglers. I slammed a fist into his side, not enough to do damage, but enough to weaken him a bit. Gil went into automatic, his fist flew towards my face. It took me over 10 minutes to punch his lights out. I pulled out my pocket knife, and cut the cord off a lamp we had smashed in the fight. I took in the roughness of his hands, a working mans hands. His voice was deep, but young sounding, a slight drawl, Shes being a bitch. The bar maid smiled, Well, handsome, dont worry about it! He grinned and I heard his voice again, it sounded even sexier, Aww, shell get over it.

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